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Here at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning, we use only the best equipment to diagnose existing systems. We are both residential and commercial comfort specialists, bringing years of skills and expertise to provide you with the absolute best in heating and air conditioning solutions

Air Handler Repair

Whether your air handler is in the attic or basement, it is important to conduct proper repairs when needed. So if you notice that the condensation pan is leaking or you have a clogged drain or line, call a professional right away to ensure correct repair or upkeep.

Roof A/C Repair

Typically roof top units can have a lifespan between 15-20 years depending on routine maintenance. Therefore it is important to inspect air filters and screens, fans, housing and motors. In addition to that checking for voltage imbalances and amperage checks are just as vital.

A/C Maintenance

Cleaning coils, replacing air filters, inspection of drain lines and pans are just some of the things checked when maintenance is conducted on your ac unit.


A/C units are a must have for any home or business which is why if you need a new one it is important to call a professional to install it for you. Reason being is that some of the steps include setting up a condensing unit, installing coils, running lines, and even connecting high and low voltage wiring.


Proper air duct cleaning is a crucial part of ac maintenance. Not only will not cleaning them create mold growth, but can also create a mildew type smell and eventually cause people to become ill.

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